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Saturday, June 28, 2014
Posted by Tayfun Yılmaz

Taste of Yerevan

Last week I was in the capital of Armenia, the brown city, Yerevan. The city is called, brown city because of the stone that is used in buildings, which gives a brown scene to the city. 
The mountain Ararat winks us with it's gorgeous body from Turkey, which is actually only 25 Km away from Yerevan.
Armenians are famous with their interest in fine arts. That you can see on every corner of downtown Yerevan. Pretty buildings, sculptures, chic women on high heels and a European taste with Asian touch: hubby Caucasia!
unforgettable expericence, Yerevan!

Sunday, May 11, 2014
Posted by Tayfun Yılmaz

Fauna : the art of societal unrest

Gallery Nev in Ankara welcomed the new season by hosting new exhibition, Fauna by painter, Ass. Prof. Necla Rüzgar. Focusing on social events happening in Turkey which create societal unrest, Fauna shows the inner feelings of people which are very much affected from the ongoing happenings in the country. Working as an academician at Hacettepe University, the artist Rüzgar is known by her paintings but in this exhibition she tried to show her feelings on the ongoing events by sculpturing them. The sculptures give an idea about how the society react on the social and political depression. The exhibition is on till March14.


Monday, February 17, 2014
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A Day in Nacka Together with Julia

A wonderful day together with Julia!
During my last days in Stockholm I met Julia at her place in Nacka, one of the finer neighborhoods of Stockholm, which is also known as the gate out to the famous Swedish archipelago that consist more than 40.000 islands. That’s the place, where the Stockholmers have their summer houses.
The last days of summer are like diamonds in Scandinavia. It is the last chance to feel the warm of the sun deep in you, before the nights get longer and the days get darker. Even though we don't have the sun, the weather is warm and it allows us to sit outside.
Enjoying Julia's salad and digesting it with tasteful Turkish coffee,
Good to be internationalized ;)

Monday, September 9, 2013
Posted by Tayfun Yılmaz

Some of the bests of Stockholm fashion week

A famous Swedish blogger, now her shoes are famous too!

Thursday, September 5, 2013
Posted by Tayfun Yılmaz

Fashion & Party - Fashion Week

Parties parties... Almost a week past after an amazing fashion week, but the newspapers, blogs, and websites are still writing about that. 

Lucaz is in the middle. He is a inspired Swedish fashion designer. The hat and the shoes were almost a hit at the party, which were Lucaz own design. He is now about to launch his own brand. Looking forward to see your design at the shops Lucaz!

Claudia is a photographer. Her lavalier got my interest, which made it possible to meet with Claudia and have a small talk about the week. She loves her shiny lavalier, which she bought from Denmark. 
Good taste Claudia!

And the final final party! The big one! And me standing and staring to cam. ;P

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