Posted by : Tayfun Yılmaz Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello dears!

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas, and hope that the New Year’s Eve was perfect for everyone. Today, I wanted to share my photos that I took from Ankara. Ankara is a capital city with all the ministries, state buildings, embassies and so on... This city is the symbol of the new republic. It hosts the elites of Turkey. The diplomats, states men, new and old politicians live in this city. There is an elite atmosphere in Tunalı. The shopping street of Ankara. It is the part of the city, where all these people hang out. But this street is not full of world widely known brands like Prada, Louis Vuitton or any other. It has another atmosphere which charms me so deeply. The street has a lot of small shops, nice restaurants, and memories. The people, who go to Tunalı always go to Tunalı. If you hang out in Tunalı, there is no doubt that your mum, grandmother also went to Tunalı with their friends. It is like a tradition. It is like an inheritance. The memories flow from the elder ones to the younger ones. Because of all these strong habits and heritage, the much known brands have hardly found place to be on the street. But the rest are in the shopping centers or up in the Arjantin and Filistin streets that are in the same area with Tunalı.
Tunalı was ready for the New Year. And I wanted to share some photos with you!

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